As a Manufacturers’ Representative, the FUSION SOURCING GROUP serves multiple constituencies – our principals, our customers, our channel partners, and our team members. With the overriding objective of being a resource, we offer the following services and their corresponding benefits for each group:


  • Sales Growth

  • Complete Channel Management

  • Market Access through Product Synergy

  • Strong, Long-Term Customer Relationships

  • Professional, Experiences Sales Engineers


  • Technical Consultation

  • Superior Customer Services

  • Innovative Product Solutions

  • Access to Factory Resources

  • Advocate Customer Needs

Channel Partners

  • Customer Services Support

  • Ongoing Training

  • Market Knowledge

  • Indigenous Personnel

  • Long-Term Relationships

Team Members

  • Ongoing Personal Development

  • Professional Advancement

  • Collaborative Team Environment

  • Network of Industry Resources

  • Synergistic, Market-Leading Principals