Custom Heaters, Heating Elements & Technologies

Heatron is dedicated to creating unique solutions that help our clients take their products to market faster.

Complex designs are no problem for Heatron’s innovative design teams, who apply new technologies and new processes to solve specific design challenges. Our primary business units are in custom heating elements, standard and customized LED modules, and thick film printed circuit boards, but Heatron specializes in the full product life-cycle, from prototype to testing to manufacturing and assembly.

Products include Elpor Steel and Stainless Steel Thick-film Heaters; Alumina and Aluminum Nitride Thick-film heaters; Heatflex silicon rubber and polyimide heaters; Clearview optically clear polyester heaters; Heatflex CONSTANT FLOW Flexible Heated Hose; Cartridge, Non-stick, Cast-In and Immersion Heaters; Mica strip and band heaters. Custom Heating Elements.