Complete Computing System in a Single Package

Octavo Systems gets its name from the Latin word meaning “one-eighth”. The word octavo was, and still is, used to describe a book where 16 pages of a book were created from a single sheet of paper. The resulting sheets were 1/8th the size of the original paper. This process allowed books to become smaller, cheaper, and more accessible to the population. It is with those principles in mind that Octavo Systems was founded.


Octavo Systems was founded in 2013 by three senior semiconductor technology leaders, all of whom had been associated with Texas Instruments. They founded Octavo on the observation that Moore’s law applies to the size of semiconductor components rather than to systems. As semiconductor designers continue to push the boundaries of size, power, and performance it is becoming exorbitantly expensive to integrate all of the system functions into a single semiconductor substrate. Major semiconductor manufacturers have been aware of this for some time and have instead packaged multiple die with different functions into a single package to meet their requirements. Unfortunately, this ability has only been accessible to the largest customers or to very specific products in high-priced applications.


Octavo Systems’ mission is to bring these capabilities to the masses, allowing the idea behind Moore’s law to continue at the system level. Through our technology and design innovations we are making this technology more accessible to all, allowing for the continued development of smaller, cheaper, and more innovative products.

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