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TDK was established in 1935 as a venture business born out of academic research. The goal: to develop the world’s first commercialization of the magnetic material “ferrite.” Ferrite had been invented at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, but its possibilities were as yet unknown. TDK was driven by a belief in its potential and a desire to create something unprecedented that would change the world. This dream has been realized and as the electronics industry continues to grow in size and influence, TDK will continue to be an important agent of change.

Throughout the eight decades since the company’s founding, and bolstered by our strong foundation in magnetics technology derived from ferrite, TDK has been steadfastly pursuing the development of products that have true value. Keeping alive the venture spirit that defined our beginnings, we have taken up the challenge of exploring new technologies while maintaining a strong dedication to craftsmanship as embodied in the Japanese Monozukuri concept— a dedication to quality and a new era of electronic craftsmanship. This enabled us to create an ongoing succession of innovative and valuable products.

Ceramic Capacitors, Inductors, Chip Beads, Resonators, Piezoelectric Ceramic Filters, Dielectric and Multilayer Antennas, Multilayer Filters, Baluns, Diplexers, NTC Thermistors, Humidity Sensors, Surface Potential Sensors, Gear Tooth Sensors.

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